Ellen visited Jorge for Christmas and his mom’s 97th birthday. It was a great success. Then Jorge and Ellen flew to Winchester VA and attended First Night. Andrew McKnight, a fine guitarist with a remarkable voice, treated us at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. Then we saw Barker and Schuster at the Handley Regional Library. A third group we listened to was Razor Hill. This day the team consisted of Lauren Smith and Holly Breivik. We had a great time. “Happy New Year!”

Today we focused on visiting the Virginia Civil War Museum at the New Market Battlefield. Since it was a cold day we looked forward to walking around indoors.

The museum features a theater, a store, and the Virginia room (upstairs and downstairs), and lots of art. You can see some of it pictured here.

There is also an outdoor area. We visited the Bushsong Home. Jacob Bushsong built this house in 1825. A rear addition was added in 1852. During the battle the family took refuge in the stone cellar. The house served as a hospital following the battle.

The museum is diveded in two by Interstate 81. We did not visit the statues on the east side of the museum and went on our way.

We heard that bad weather was on the way at Kingsport TN. We managed to beat it and only got some rain. Later is snowed but we were in out cozy hotel by then.

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