We woke up to find that a snow storm blew in last night and turned everything white. Our car got so cold that the locks were frozen and we couldn’t get them open from the outside. However, Jorge easily got in through the rear. He started the car and was able to muscle the doors open. It was cold!

Then we drove straight to the Georgia Aquarium located in downtown Atlanta. We got the tickets online and had to wear our COVID masks all the time. No big deal.

We saw lots of beautiful fishes, sharks, stingrays, alligators and other species of water critters. It’s an amazing world to think that so many different animals (big and small) populate our tiny planet. Some aquarium pictures are here but all these are better seen live.

We got reacquainted with Anne. We met in Italy on our OAT trip. Her cat, D’Artagnon, and Tickle got along famously. They are now Best Friends Forever!

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