We chose to go to Silver City NM today because we’ve never been there and were curious to see it. Originally it was an Apache campground. When the Spaniards came it was a copper mining area. The town was founded in 1870 and silver ore was discovered nearby. The town is also the first place Billy the Kid was arrested. 

The Silver City Museum is quaint but needs more than signs and pictures to make it a must go to place. And the Western New Mexico University Museum is a gem if you are into pottery. Interestingly, Ellen owns some pottery made by Juan Quezada. His story is told in one of the pictures.

In Lordsburg NM we found a memorial to the many veterans and people who dedicated and gave their lives for their country. We’ve seen that many small towns honor their brave citizens. We’re not zealots but we certainly take pride in our country, especially when we realize how many have given their lives for us to live in freedom. God bless America!

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