We had lunch near Yuma AZ just before entering California and going into our last time zone change. It was interesting to see the Colorado River flow by especially when surrounded with sand dunes.

The wind kicked up some sand but didn’t stop people from having fun. Check out those dune buggies!

We passed by the Center of the World and kept on going. Next time we’ll have to check it out. 

Salvation Mountain was a treat. It’s built with a mixture of adobe and paint. Leonard Knight made it as a personal tribute to God with love being the main theme.

East Jesus is an art/junk community collection. It’s just beyond Slab City. Yes, both are very junky. The people living there must think of themselves as rebels.

The Salton Sea is about 35 miles long, 15 miles wide with an average depth of 50 feet. Near the shore the sand turns into tiny bones and it smells. The salinity killed plenty of small creatures living in it. We didn’t stay long. It was a great day!

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