Day 1

Monday 9/3

Woodland Hills CA to

St. George UT

We left home via the California State Route 14 and used the Pearblossom Highway (CA 138) to get to Interstate 15 in Victorville CA. Before leaving the San Fernando Valley we were able to take a few photos of Stoney Point Park and the Los Angeles Aqueduct. However, we never feel as if we’ve left the big city behind until we reach the desert of the Pearblossom Highway.


We spotted a place that created metal sculptures of lots of animals and even a full sized replica of a stage coach and the horses with a rider on top. We’ll need to stop and check out the artwork some time. 


Ellen loves Joshua Trees and so we had to stop by an impressive one and take her photo. She’s all smiles. As you can see from the top map (our overall plans map) we are heading north.

It’s September and the weather should be fairly reasonable all the way to Winchester VA. We shall see. It rained on us as we reached the St. George UT area. Yet, we are hopeful.


Today is Labor Day and the folks visiting Las Vegas are heading to their Southern California homes. Many had probably arrived Thursday evening in Las Vegas because California Admission Day fell on last Friday. Anyway, the returning drive looked brutal. We could not believe that traffic. Then there is the question of what people will do for fun.


There is a needle tower in Las Vegas. We focused our cameras on it and noticed people taking rides while hanging over the edge! The structure is called the Stratosphere and as far as we’re concerned…just call us chicken.


Before arriving at today’s destination we passed through the Virgin River Canyon. What a spectacular place! It is located on the Northwest tip of Arizona. If you see that a couple of photos look crooked it’s not the fault of the photographer. The driving conditions are tricky. Still, it was a beautiful drive today!

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