Day 7

Sunday 9/9

Lexington NE to

Cameron MO

We once thought that only horses pulled wagons across the plains but it turns out that the ox is the better animal for the task. Hence, we took a drive by to locate oxen pulling a wagon.  


Then, not too far away, we found out about two boys that had been pinned together by the same arrow. What were the odds? The memorial tells the story. Check it out.

A large covered wagon building must have been a gas station once a long time ago. There’s a story to be told about it somewhere.


Who places toilets with pink flamingos in the front yard? Someone does and we found the proof. We say, “Keep the bums at bay!”


In St. Joseph MO we found the birth of the Pony Express at its very first stable. At 7:15 AM on April 3, 1860 the first rider was let loose. Ellen was there to help…in her mind. The Pony Express Museum is solely dedicated to the era and times between 1860 and 1861. Only 18 months in history.


Jesse James was shot by one of his compadres, Robert Ford. Ford’s brother Charley was there when Jesse got it from behind. The brothers were hoping for a $10,000 reward but instead were convicted of murder. Then the governor pardoned them but they got no money. Crime doesn’t pay.

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