Day 2

Tuesday 9/4

St. George UT to

Salt Lake City UT

Places we drive by just to shoot photos we call “drive-bys” which are indicated by purple pins on our maps. Today’s drive-bys are the license plate pole, the ghost town, the historic territorial state house, the Krishna Temple (Yes it is really there!), and the Nursing Home Stonehenge.


Some drive-bys require more than one picture. The ghost town comes to mind. The big hit this time was the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum. Now that’s not a drive-by: It is a 4-star location! We took tons of pictures but you only get to see a few. Go visit it.


The museum has an exhibit  out front, a giant backyard exhibit and an indoor exhibit. Get this, you can take part in many of the exhibits such as riding on the saddle, getting in the jail, climbing on a wagon…it’s as if you could go back in time. See all those rusty farm equipment? They are nice to see but here each is labeled and one can learn what it actually was used for.


There is a large sheep shearing shed too. From the looks of it (and the smell) it is actually used to demonstrate the art of shearing sheep. We hope each picture gives you an idea of our experience today.

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