Day 3

Wednesday 9/5

Lake City UT to

Jackson WY

Ellen is always looking for places to visit and got the tick that we should see the Great Salt Lake for ourselves. So, after driving by the Modern Mummification Pyramid, we took off to see it. It was not on our intended path for the day but we went anyway. Across from the lake visiting center was a giant, really big smoke stack over a thousand feet tall. It’s hard to imagine how big it is even when looking at it but in one of our pictures you’ll see a comparison chart. Wow!


When we left our hotel we saw a large music arena. It was the Maverik Center, a concert venue. Yet near the lake we found a much grander concert venue from several generations ago. It is a funny looking building called the Great Saltair Concert Venue. Our forefathers liked to “pardee” too.


The highlight of the trip was visiting the Hill Aerospace Museum. We’ve been to a few such places in our travels. We’ve seen lots of airplanes. And we have a confession to make. 

We have gotten a bit jaded from looking at museums dedicated to flying things. Today, we came to attention. This is one slick, well presented museum. There are two buildings connected with an enclosed walk way. And outside there are some very big flying machines.


Check out the Devil’s Slide in UT. It’s not man made and quite big. Each wall is forty feet tall. The distance between them is twenty-five feet. 


In Afton WY we had to drive through the arch made of elk horns. Then we followed the canyon by the Snake River. It was tough trying to get pictures there but we have what we have.

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