Day 9

Tuesday 9/11

Springfield IL to

Columbus OH

Abraham Lincoln is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield IL. He definitely has a significant tomb and nose. There’s a face sculpture of him in front of the tomb and the nose is rubbed for good luck. Ellen could not resist.


A copy of the Emancipation Proclamation is placed over the door’s entrance. We thought it very fitting.


In Danville IL we found a neat wall sculpture of popular locals. Who are those two foreigners on each side? Yep, Ellen and Jorge! We  had hoped to get a photo of us in the Rotary Jail House  in Crawfordsville IN.

Alas, the jail museum was closed today. So we took pictures outside. Considering the gruesome history of the place it seems right that they should be preparing for Halloween. Such a merry time!


Check out that picture of a funny ad for haircuts. Then there is a large “structure man” with a red pin head. Only in America, no?


The Wright Brothers are celebrated big time in Dayton OH because that’s their hometown. Yes, their first powered flight was in Kitty Hawk NC. They chose the area because its frequent winds and soft sandy surfaces were suitable for their glider experiments, which they conducted over a three-year period prior to making the powered flights.


The Madonna of the Trail Statues are all over the place. We saw two today. If lucky, we get to see one more tomorrow.

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