Day 6

Saturday 9/8

Douglas WY to

Lexington NE

The length of a day’s drive determines how many places we visit. Today’s long trip required that we cut down our checklist to three places. Scotts Bluff National Monument is a place almost any lover of cowboys and wagon train movies would recognize. If you see it in a movie than you know that the caravan is on the Oregon Trail.


There’s a museum there but we chose to attend the Legacy of the Plains Museum right next door. There are hidden museums that are nothing but gems and this place is one of them.

There is so much stuff there that we can only show you a representation of what they have. What they have is fabulously presented! One creative way was to place pictures on long, sideways drawers. Each picture represents an era in clothing styles. You’ll have to go see this place for yourself.


Jorge likes the paintings that represent history and so you will see a few here. They are not easy to photograph. Then we started on our way and lost an hour as we entered Central Time Zone.


Ellen and Jorge, as children, dreamed of being Pony Express riders. Little that we know at the time that that era lasted only 18 months! Why? The electric telegraph was invented a year after the riders started their service. Sometimes progress disappoints children’s dreams.

A technical tip if you wish to see better details in our photos:


When you enlarge one of the photos on these webpages you can drag and drop that enlarged picture to you computer desktop. Open it from there. Make the borders fit the screen. Then choose to see the picture in one-to-one detail. Then you can go up, down, sideways and even get closer to see fine detail.


I can’t give you directions specific to your computer program. Every application has different controls but it can be done, so good luck!

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