Day 10



Pittsburgh PA

    We had a few interesting drive-by photo opportunities today. The VW Bug-Spider was one. The bee must have taken a long time to make. It is big. Whoever put this on his front lawn must have a good sense of humor. This kind of activity is called AUTOArt.

    The giant Scotsman at Edinboro PA is 12’ tall and reportedly weighs in at 25,000 lbs. It is located at the University of Edinboro which also feature the inflated Z Dome. The fabric weighs 52,000 lbs. Now that’s a heavy weight!

    Road signs are ubiquitous. Someone decided to take them and make a sculpture garden in Meadville PA. We didn’t get to see the whole garden so we’ll have to return someday.

    In Portersville PA we found a cute Snowman ice cream stand. The Snowman also features a mobile unit for events and private functions.

    We had to go to Mars PA to check out the Martians. They looked quite human. Supposedly, the town keeps a flying saucer and moves it about town. It must have been stowed away today or in orbit. Yes, the locals refer to themselves as Martians.

    Driving through downtown Pittsburg PA we spotted some Giant Street Musicians. Very kewl! We had another great day on the road.