Day 8



Twinsburg OH

    Ellen insisted that we see Jerry’s Junk collection after reading about it. Take a look at those photos. What junk! It’s our understanding that he gets up each morning looking for more stuff to add to his collection!

    We had seen and entered an evacuated Futuro Flying Saucer House on one of our previous trips across the USA. It was small inside. Most have fallen into disrepair but the one in Covington KY is still in use by its original owner

    The visit to Loveland Castle, or Chateau LaRoche (Rock Castle), was something different. It sits on the banks of the Little Miami River in the township of Symmes in Loveland OH.

    Construction began with a Boy Scout troop led by Harry D. Andrews. He worked over fifty years on the project and it is said that he built 95% of it by himself. Now that is dedication!

    When he died in 1981 the castle was donated to the Scout troop which bequeathed itself the name of Knights of the Golden Trail (KOTG). Castle steps are not aligned. One must be nimble to go up and down stairs. It’s a medieval wonder.

    Out in the middle of nowhere, we mean this, there is a giant statue of Frankenstein’s Monster. It is in Wilmington OH and stands there to attract people into paying to go into a haunted house! There’s also a creepy, crawly giant there too. Some of the ghostly props were there to photograph. We wondered if this was a seasonal attraction or a dead one.

    In Columbus OH, we entered the brewing district looking for a statue of Gambrinus, the Kind of Beer. Gambrinus is a brand name and made by Pilsner. The statue stands ready to give a toast.

    Finally, both Ellen and I had to stand next to the statue of Chief Logan. He was a peaceful Iroquois leader who wished to live in peace with the white man. That worked out well for him until the Yellow Creek Massacre where he lost his family. As per Indian custom he had the right to revenge. He got it but, in the long run, violence never worked out well for the Native Americans.