Day 3



Albuquerque NM

    Rather than sticking to Interstate 40 we took an off-beat road  Leupp AZ, Ganado AZ and Window Rock AZ to go through the Navajo Nation. We joined I-40 again in Gallup NM. We chose Leupp to convince our GPS gadgets that this was the road we wanted to use.

    While on this road we found a great dome building. It is the Birdsprings Dome used by the Navajo Nation as a meeting place. It seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere but there it was.

    The views on this two lane road were spectacular. We could have been in a covered wagon. Fortunately, we had a nice road, car and gas stations. We’re just too civilized.

    In Ganado we stopped at a real trading post…not a tourist trap! It is an active trading post still in use. It is call the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site. Try saying that quickly 20 times! There is a ranger station with a modest museum. We got a hoot looking at the sheep, goats, horses, chickens and a friendly turkey.

    Veterans seem to be rightfully honored everywhere we go and it’s no different at Window Rock. The Navajo Code Talkers are especially selected as honorees with a big statue for them.

    As we approached Gallup we realized we had been on the Devil’s Highway (666). Check out that sign. Yes, the name was changed.

    This was our third attempt to see the Gallup Cultural Center and we were successful! The standard exhibits were delightful and interesting. We love the dioramas.