Day 6



Booneville MO

    Emporia KS is known as the founding city of Veterans Day. So we took a look at the town’s memorial park. The Sherman Tank and Huey Helicopter were impressive. Check out the picture of a soldier’s prayer. Very touching.

    Right next door is the Cottonwood River and the old Rainbow Arch Bridge is still standing over it. People fish from it and around it. The small waterfall there must attract the fish.

    We got to the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center, in Overland Park KS, just after visiting Red Robin. Yummm!

    There were lots of pictures with text to look at. The all electric model home was interesting. It’s the kind of home we have now-a-days but with some obsolete items. Very cute so see!

    The T/M Museum (Toys and Miniatures Museum) featured toys from dolls, to trains, to board games going back a couple of centuries. Doll houses were featured too. You can see inside each of them because of the cut-away backside of each home. Small furniture and sometimes dolls are placed inside.

    The miniature side of the museum is a wonder to see. The detail in each item is unbelievable. We could not use flash photography but got a few pictures to turn out. This is a must see place.

    We both got a kick out of a musical instrument section that featured old time instruments such as the mountain dulcimer. Ellen pointed out that it even had the correct placement of frets. It looked to be about the size of a pinky finger. Wow!