Day 2



Flagstaff AZ

    We left the historic Amargosa Opera House and Hotel. Ellen took a few pictures of the place thinking that the wall murals had interesting perspective (check out that guitar). Marta Becket bought the place and painted the murals. As a multi-talented woman (artist, dancer, pianist) she thought it proper to own her own opera house. BTW, the plumbing in the hotel is very old. If you go, don’t expect warm showers nor the toilet to work properly. It was probably spectacular in its day. That’s a heads-up warning. 

    After crossing the Nevada border we spotted a giant cow and a giant bull (across the street). Just roadside attractions!

    The road we took headed north. Yes, we are heading mostly east but we had to divert to go and see some Area 51 attractions in the Amargosa Valley. No, they aren’t government official…they are tourist traps: The World’s Biggest Firecracker, The Area 51 Cafe, The Area 51 Brothel. So take a look at the pictures. Don’t forget to click on them to see an enlarged view.

    There is a new freeway in the area of Boulder City to assist with traffic control at Hoover Dam. It got us lost because our GPS gadgets didn’t have the new roads in them. Eventually, we found our route and went down U.S. Highway 93 to the Arizona Last Stop. One thing for sure, these people love outer space aliens.

    In the 1930’s Nina Talbot and her husband moved to Santa Claus, Arizona. For awhile she started a Santa attraction which eventually went bust. The buildings and land are now up for sale.

    Do you know what a chuckwalla is? We found one for Ellen to ride. It is a lizard but we don’t think that they grow to be as big as the statue we saw. It’s surprising that neither of us has seen a live one. Chuckwalllas reportedly live all over the southwest and northern Mexico. How about that!

    Ellen’s chuckwalla was found in Kingman AZ where, not too far from it,  we found Locomotive Park for Tickle to walk in the grass. The park features a railroad engine, coal car and caboose. Yes, one is allowed to climb around it. Pretty neat!

    Seligman AZ is probably one of our most photographed towns. The reason probably has to do with the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere. After driving miles upon miles it’s good to stop and stretch our legs. Yes, it is a cheesy tourist trap (we must love these since we find ourselves in so many of them) but today we had to eat vanilla ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and there’s no better place than the Delgadillo’s SnowCap.

    Finally, we drove through Williams AZ since our museum (Pete’s Gas Station) was closed. It’s a pretty town with lots of nice restaurants. Another great trip day!