Day 5



Wichita KS

    Liberal KS has an annual race and it is only run by women holding pancakes in their skillets. So we stopped to take a look at the International Pancake Day Hall of Fame. When the men of Liberal heard that there was a town of Olney in England that has run such a race for centuries, they claimed their own wives could beat anyone at that. So, they entered their wives in the contest…without asking the women! You can imagine that the men must have been in the dog house. Yet, the female population accepted the challenge. It runs every year the day before Lent.

    Not far from the Pancake Hall of Fame we found three things to place in one picture: A Library Shaped like an Open Book, the Pioneer Mother of Kansas Statue and a small replica of the Statue of Liberty. Nice! 

    Next we visited the Dalton Gang Hideout in  Meade KS. There’s a tunnel that leads from the barn to the hide out house. There’s a small museum in the barn. Further down the hill there’s the facade of a town. This is a great place for kids to play. So, we did! As for the Daltons, well, they lived by the gun and died by it too.

    M.T. Liggett likes to work on metal as an art form. He hangs his finished products around his property. Many of them are definitely politically incorrect. He does not care. He died in 2017.

    The Big Well Museum in located in Greensburg KS. The town suffered a devastating blow from an EF 5 tornado in 2007. The people are returning the place to normalcy. It must have been a terrible thing to go through.

    The Pratt County Historical Museum, in the town of Pratt KS, is a gem. The building used to be a lumber company. So it is huge with lots of exhibits covering the history of this country, Kansas, and Pratt County. Did you find the picture where Ellen the Felon found a soulmate in jail?