Day 11



Winchester VA

    The Jenny Globe is advertising for the company that solves individual cleaning problems worldwide. Yes, there is a Jenny in charge.

    The Coffee Pot Building was a lunch stand built in 1927 by David Koontz. In 2004 it was moved to Bedford PA and restored. It currently serves as a gift shop.

    In Everett PA, in front of the Down River Golf Course, we spotted a really huge quarter. The head of George Washington is properly displayed but there is no eagle on the other side.

    Before we arrived at our last planned drive-by photo opportunity we spotted the Morgan County Observatory. It is located on the ground of Greenwood Elementary School in Berkeley Springs WV. It might be fun and interesting to go to one of their Star Parties.

    We quickly drove by it and headed to Unger WV to see the Giant Uniroyal Babe in a Bikini. She was not alone. Check out those photos.

    It’s located in what is known as Farnham Fantasy Farm but we didn’t spot any real people there. Hence, we were hesitant to walk around what appeared to be private property. However, we had to touch those big legs! Yes, this was another wonderful trip! Over-and out…for now!