Day 9



Cheektowaga NY

    We drove through the busy streets of Cleveland OH to see the houses where Joe Shuster and Jerry Seigel lived. The first illustrated the Man of Steel and the second invented him. Posters of the first edition (April 1938) of Superman surround some of the front yard fence of Shuster’s house. The city also provided a nice plaque for being the birth place of Superman. What a kick!

    Nearby we spotted a tin-man on a roof. No doubt that it’s used for advertising. The giant rocking chair of Austinburg OH is surely there to attract visitors to the local business.

    Since we saw the statue of unshaven Lincoln a couple of days ago, we decided to visit Westfield NY to see him with Grace Bedell. Here he has whiskers. Naturally, he thanked her for the idea that she suggested that he grow a beard to be elected President. Lincoln lore!

    Then, of course, we had to go see where kazoos are made in all of North America. It’s the only factory that makes them in this fair land and it has a modest museum dedicated to the instrument.

    If you’ve ever owned a metal one or played it then this is where it came from. The Original Kazoo Company was established in 1916 and the original tin making equipment is still in operation. It is located in the town of Eden NY. The factory is operated by SASI, a non-profit organization whose stated mission is to transform lives through creative opportunities and excellent supports for people with disabilities and special needs.

    You will see through our pictures that we took a helicopter ride to see Niagara Falls. The tint on the helicopter windows may explain why all the pictures aren’t crystal clear. A poor excuse, Jorge!

    Hey, you should have seen all the Asian tourists at Niagara State Park. It was amusing to see them jockey for position with their selfie sticks. Look out for your eyes! It was a busy and fun day.