July 23

Barstow CA to Oxnard CA

Today’s trip was to simply get home without any sight seeing. Still we saw lots of little things on the way…things we could take pictures from the car. That kind of picture we call a drive-by. One was a picture of Smokey the Bear warning of a high fire danger today. He was right. There were at least three fires reported in the area. Naturally, we drove by the worst one.


This spectacular fire, south of I-14 in Placerita Canyon, began about 1,000 yards from the home of my good friends, Bart and Lori. Both are professional musicians and you may choose to find out more about them by clicking here. Fortunately for them the wind was blowing away from their home.


Below you’ll see a picture of a helicopter dropping water & fire retardant on a flame behind a hill. Luckily for the fire fighting copters and water dropping planes, they could go to Castaic Lake to refill. Traffic was a bit heavy today and possible slowed down by the sight seeing public. It actually took three hours to get to Jorge’s place in Woodland Hills and Ellen took an hour and a half to get to her place (usually a 42 minute drive). I guess the world decided to drive to the beach to cool down. It was 106°F in Woodland Hills and 78°F in Oxnard!


Both Ellen and Jorge hope you have enjoyed our trip pictures and comments. We had a great trip. For now, it’s good to be home!😊

The Pearblossom Highway 

We prefer this route to crowded I-10 Freeway.

Tourist Trap

Ash plume from Jorge’s front porch

The next day from the top of the

Topanga Mall parking structure

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