July 13

Winchester VA to Roanoke VA

Before we started our trip we visited Dinosaur Land near Winchester VA. That’s because we found out that it is Mark Cline’s inspiration for Dinosaur Kingdom 2 which is on our way to California. We had to see the grand daddy that started it all.


We had planned to visit Mr. Cline’s  Foam Henge but it was taken down and may be going to another site. His Fantasy Castle was defunct too and so we missed his King Kong of Natural Bridge but Dinosaur Land’s King Kong was just fine.


We had a hoot watching the Civil War Federal Troops get bested by the dinosaurs of Lynchburg. Click on the pictures of signs below that explain what is going on in the alternate universe.


Before getting to Dinosaur Kingdom 2 we visited General Stonewall Jackson’s hame and grave. Why? We followed a sign. Naturally, we had to stop at the Pink Cadillac Diner. This was our second time there. The food is great!


The weather was great and then a thunder storm started. By the time we made Roanoke the weather was just fine.

The bird sees the food, picks it up and flips it in the air and then eats it. Wow!

This is a YouTube video about Mark Cline’s Dinosaur Kingdom 2. I think you’ll like it. What a character he is!

Stealing Eggs

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