July 18

Salina KS to Limon CO

On this fine morning we headed to Wilson KS in search of the large Czechoslovakian Egg. Periodically it has been painted in different ways. We got a colorful egg with a black background.


Next we headed toward the Buffalo Bill Kill statue. He appears to be ready to shoot a bison. Jorge noted that the rifle is actually aiming at the ground below the buffalo’s belly.


The people at the Buffalo Bill’s Cultural Center were very nice. They had a doggy dish with water and offered to let Tickle have the run of the place. Now that is unusual.


Jorge didn’t lose a finger, by-the-way. 😊

At the Goodland Museum in Kansas we discovered a unique item on exhibition: The First Patented Helicopter! And it still works…sort of. Check out our video below to see what we mean. We thought it was such a special find!

Besides the museum, Goodland also displays an 80 foot easel with a Van Gogh painting on it. Why this painting. It may have something to do with the Kansas state flower.

Next on our travel list was a visit to the Burlington Old Town Museum in Colorado. Previously we tried to go there but got skunked. Today we walked Tickle in with us and they fell in love with her saying, “Oh, we’re a pet friendly place. Take her right in!” This museum was enormous, beautifully done and well kept up. We wondered how Burlington (population 4,003) could afford to build and maintain such a treasure! Want to know more about barbed wire? Go here! In every room we visited we found buttons to push to listen to audio recordings. It’s a must go to place.

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