July 16

Gilbertsville KY to Columbia MO

Today we went directly to Paducah KY to see the Time Paradox Louis and Clark Scene. The details in the sculpture do not fit the time period. The Indian man has 21st century Sacajawea coins as earrings and a 21st century girl is in the 19th century buckskins.

Paducah borders the Ohio River. There is a wall full of murals but I did not include all below.

You’ll have to go yourself if you wish to see them all.

Paducah also boasts the presence of a replica of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Then we continued on our journey until we

came to Metropolis and Jorge jumped out of his seat. We had to visit Superman’s true home and we were not disappointed.

We passed a giant Shopping Boy statue first and then found the Man of Steel!

Afterwards we visited the jail in Benton IL where Charlie Birger was hanged. Born in the Russian Empire in 1881, he died on April 19, 1928. In between he was a soldier, a cowboy, a miner, a saloon keeper, a businessman, a bootlegger and a criminal gang leader. He fought a bloody war with the KKK  (they were against alcohol) and also with the Shelton’s Brothers Gang (rivals selling alcohol).


As far as jails go this one was very tight, nasty, dirty and one to be avoided. Still, Charlie enjoyed a pretty good time as he was given special treatment.


At his hanging his last words reputedly said, “It’s a beautiful world.” He also spat on his carrying basket before he reached the gallows.

Oddly this jail location also featured a museum of famous people among them being George Harrison and his brother Pete. His sister Louise lived there and George wanted see if the Beatles might be accepted in America. The first Beatles record played in the United States was in Benton IL.

Then we were on our way to catch a view of some road sign art work. The things we like to do! We traveled through St. Louis, witnessed some interesting roadside scenery to get to the General Ulysses S Grant’s Home and Museum. We missed that last home tour but saw the museum. Jorge is currently reading his memoirs. It is a very big book but lends insight to many of the behind  the scenes actions during the Civil War.

It was a fun day but it was nice crossing the Missouri River and heading for a rest at our hotel. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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