July 17

Columbia MO to Salina KS

Our mission today was to visit the Combat Air Museum. We had tried that once before but missed it. It was about 102°F so we took Tickle in with us and they allowed her to stay in an air-conditioned room inside her kennel while we sweltered through the hangers. Sometimes it’s good being a dog.


There were lots of model airplanes and jets and ships. If you happen to see some that looking like they are flying inside the hanger it is because Jorge eliminated the strings. The sundial shows when we got there. Can you read it?


Museum Map

The USS Oriskany CCVA-34

(carrier model)

Remember Norma Jean? Well, here she is supporting the troops. Do you know her famous stage name?

The Road Ahead in Kansas

It’s not often that it happens that our GPS goes wacko. It happened today when we tried to get to Old Abilene Town. It took us about 19 miles north of where we wanted to go to an old dilapidated wooden home. We were definitely in an old town (Clay Center) and on a dirt Main Street…but the wrong town! We knew we were going the wrong way because we’d been through there before and Ellen had a paper map. We went anyway for the adventure. Yes, we did find Old Abilene Town. Oh joy!

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