July 14

Roanoke VA to Knoxville TN

We decided to drive by Wytheville VA to take a look at one of the world’s biggest pencils. It is located in front of an office store. Then we scooted over to see the Great Lakes to Florida Highway Museum. We found out that Highway 21 was to be the Route 66 of the eastern US. It was supposed to go all the way to Florida but when the interstate system was being built in the 1950’s it was decided to stop in South Carolina. This museum is located inside a small gasoline station. You should check out those prices. While there Tickle took some driving lessons. I’m sure she hopes to participate in the driving someday.


In Abington VA we found a Banjo Boy statue. It took awhile but we found it even in the pouring rain. Then came the Muster Grounds!

During the Revolutionary War in the summer of 1780 the Southern American colonies gathered 400 volunteers at the Abington Muster Grounds. They chased British Major Patrick Ferguson to Kings Mountain SC. He claimed he’d never leave. Yep, he is still there!

Jorge has taken several pictures of the guitar building from I-81. Although it looked out of shape the sign read that it was open. So, we got off the road only to find that it is closed. The aliens and rock below are on private lawns in Blountville TN. We had to see them.

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