July 19

Limon CO to Grand Junction CO

Apparently, it is at Comanche Springs that the last spikes were laid to complete a continuous chain of rails from the Atlantic to the Pacific! And we thought it was a Promontory UT. Hmmm?


We went to check it out at the museum operated by the Comanche Crossing Historical Society. Jorge went to ask directions and found a school house of students and teachers…Mennonites! It was like going back in history. The teacher didn’t know what Jorge was asking about. However, one bright little boy pointed the way.


You’ll see a picture of them stretching during a recess break right in front of their school house. Wow!

Check out this blue, 16 foot tall chair. We drove through Aurora CO just to locate and photograph it.

Here we show pictures from our car. It always amazes us to see so much maintenance work being performed. Yet it can be an annoyance due to the slowing down of traffic.


Jesus said, “The poor will always be among us.” We manage to find one or two on our trip to take a photo of. It’s sad to see but a part of life.

We thought that Georgetown CO would be a nice place to sit and have lunch. At the visitor center Jorge found a neat cougar to photograph. May someday he will introduce it to Tickle. We have friends that like to jam to old time folk music so we took a picture of the local schedule for them to muse over.


After lunch we headed to Old George Town to see the local Energy Museum. Well, it’s part museum. It is still a fully functional hydro-electric company. It started operation in 1906 and has continued in service ever since. That’s a long time. Our friendly docent, Earl, was a character out of history and full of information. The tour is free but one can donate. A very entertaining and educational experience!

Click on individual pictures to enlarge. The one above is a wooden water pipe!

Before getting to our hotel in Junction City CO we went on a mission to do what we call a drive-by. That’s were we drive by an interesting place and take a picture.


Yes, we saw some beautiful scenery but we wanted to see Rusty’s Dream statue in Palisades CO. The same town also feature Junk Metal Animals. We found two of them and a ball of spurs.


The hunt for a large trout made of license plates (and swallowing a man) was a bit harder to find. It was hidden amoung the trees but given away by a metal football player at the corner of the property. It’s so Americana!

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