July 20

Grand Junction UT to Richfield UT

This fine morning we heading for a ghost town named Cisco in Utah. Our GPS devices couldn’t find it but it was marked on our paper map. Surprisingly, some fellow named John is attempting to revitalize the area by selling land cheaply. I don’t know if it is legit but I looks like a hard sell to us. Originally Cisco was used to replenish steam engines with water. Diesel engines killed that. However, uranium and oil deposits kept it going until they ran out and the interstate bypassed the town. BTW, check this Johnny Cash/Cisco link here!

Yes, consider this prime fixer upper as your first step in realty, fiduciary self-reliance! Only a little foresight and a little cash will make your wildest dreams come true!

Next we headed toward Moab UT. It was a typical kind of town that you find near beautiful national parks: A tourist trap. After going through town we headed back toward Canyonlands National Park.


We drove by a dinosaur museum that we looked into but decided it was too cheesy for our tastes. What do we know? So we headed toward our destination.


You’ll forgive us for having so many scenic views but it is so hard to decide what to show. However, we think we have found the best that we can share. Naturally, we hit the visitor information desk first and made our plans.

Buck Canyon

Orange Cliffs

Orange Cliffs Signs

Grand View Point Signs

Grand View Point  & Closeup

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook Sign



The Shafer Canyon Overlook

Silhouettes at Eastern Entrance

to Green River UT

Old Road Tunnel Before the interstate Replaced It

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