Years ago we took the one mile trail down to the Cliff Dwellings located at Walnut Canyon National Monument. Today we chose to see things from the overlook at the ranger station. Soon we were on our way to visit an old friend…a giant jack rabbit.

We got there and were surprised to find that the original rabbit has been replaced by a shorter version. It should be easier for more people to sit on.

The World’s Largest Petrified Tree is located at the Geronimo Trading Post. They placed lots of teepees near it.

Holbrook AZ is a unique town. There is much to see. First we headed to the Wigwam Motel. After many years of neglect it has been restored and is opened for business! We’ve seen it from the Amtrak side too but that can’t be done anymore as a modern motel blocks the view from the railroad side.

The town has many replicas of dinosaurs. Some look real and others look more fictional. Petrified wood is a big deal around here. We are told that it does not come from the national park nearby and that there is more to be found outside that park!

We believe it after visiting a large petrified wood shop. We walked in to look for Wild Bill. He is a 2.9 million year old alligator. Alas, he is not from ‘these here parts.’ He comes from Charlotte County, Florida.

You should know that Tickle is very much a part of our trip. We found a great doggy park to take here to. Due to the heat we did not stay long.

The Continental Divide, you may know, is all over the place. On I-40 it is advertised at an old trading post. The view is magnificent. We had another great traveling day!

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