We dropped into the Kentucky Folk Art Center (KFAC) in Morehead KY. According to their website, “(it) houses a permanent collection of nearly 1,400 pieces of self-taught art. Dozens of works from the collection are displayed on a rotating basis in the center’s first floor gallery.”

“Upon viewing folk art for the first time, many are attracted to its whimsical attributes, and we should take joy in these works as the artists intended. But in many instances, the art that you see on the walls at KFAC was born out of hard times. The works displayed here stand as a document of and testament to the concerns, courage, and convictions of the common man.”

“In the second floor gallery, the Center presents several new changing exhibits each year, which can feature folk art, fine art, textiles, photography, and historical content. KFAC also boasts one of the best gift shops in the region, offering original folk art, crafts, jewelry, books, toys, housewares and much more. “

Today we admired the art of Minnie Adkins on the second floor. Mike Norris is the poet/musician that added his talent to the attraction. We only posted a few pictures. It’s a must see place!

The Mothman statue and Museum came next. Jorge really wanted to see the statue. So there it is. We left without visiting the museum as it started to rain. So far, on this trip, the weather has been kind to us and we wanted to keep it that way.

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