Today’s ride would prove to be a long one. We drove from Albuquerque NM to Elk City OK, right through the Texas panhandle. That’s determination for you!

We had lunch at Russell’s Travel Center (it has an antique toy & car museum), one of our usual stops along the way. There’s a doggie walk area and Tickle took advantage of it and met a few new pals. We don’t have pictures because we both left our cameras in the car.

We skipped the Cadillac Ranch. As it is said, “Been there, done that.” The truth is, it was darn hot outside and nobody wanted to walk in the heat. We also failed to bring spray paint cans. Maybe next time!

On previous trips we passed the Stoner Patriot Peace Garden of All Faiths. It’s located east of Amarillo TX. This time we got there. As it goes for the Cadillac Ranch, people are free to bring spray paint  cans to color the exhibit.

It looks like a bunch of hippies on weed put it up with the purpose of extolling their lifestyle of calling for peace on earth, get togetherness, and weed is good. On the technical side, the art is made of metal and the lettering is punched out. It had the cool effect of showing the letters on the ground via sunlight.

Next we drove past the Texas, Oklahoma border to the town of Erick. The Sandhill Curiosity Shop is advertised as the Redneck Capital of the World. Furthermore, people are encouraged to bring instruments to jam with the Mediocre Music Makers. Don’t let that title fool you.

Harley Russell sat in the corner and welcomed us to play our instruments. He hadn’t seen a mountain dulcimer before. Then he showed us what he had and did a jazz solo of Play Misty for Me. It was hard to say good-bye. We were only sorry that Annabelle (his wife) had died years ago but he keeps the spirit alive!

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