Our first stop was at the Henagar Memories and Nostalgia Museum located in Buckskin IN. We drove into what looked like private property but saw an office sign. So in we went and met James Henagar, the man in charge.

We learned that there were several things going on. He and many volunteers operate a food bank for veterans in three different states (Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana). He gave us a short tour and we saw lots of good food. Yum!

Next, James took us into his greenhouse! He had a palm tree, a large cactus, a corn plant (we think that’s what he called it) and even shamrocks (for good luck) growing. And there was more, wow!

Then he took us into the museum. It’s all about giving people nostalgic memories of years gone by. There are so many things to see and remember. Plans are in the making to purchase 20 acres of land to house and expand the collection into new structures. For James Henager, this is all a labor of love. Go visit!

Next we dropped into the Josephine Sculpture Park (JSP). It features 30 acres of land covered in trails leading to at least 80 sculptures. For us the weather was too hot and humid to go walking. So we took what pictures we could. We may come again for a tour.

Founding director and artist Melanie VanHouten established the non-profit park in 2009 on land that was her grandparent’s farm. It is the only park of its kind in the state of Kentucky.

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