Today we had a much shorter drive from Elk City OK to Joplin MO. We chose to stop by and see the World’s Largest Pop Bottle and Store in Arcadia OK. There was an upscale gas station with a diner.

The bottle sculpture is known as ‘Bubble’ and the roadhouse is  ‘Pops.’ They were designed by Oklahoma City architect Rand Elliott, and, the visionary of fracking, billionaire Aubrey K. McClendon (who owned much of the surrounding land).

Nearby there is a Famous Round Barn. We’re told that it’s big on the inside with stairs going around it but we just drove by. They have musical performances but there is no AC. So, it’s hot inside. Maybe they perform in the cool of the evening.

In Tulsa OK there are statues in honor of the Father of Route 66. Cyrus Stevens Avery (1871–1963) created the route while a member of the federal board appointed to create the Federal Highway System, then pushed for the establishment of the U.S. Highway 66 Association to pave and promote the highway.

The turnpike we took to see the Giant Indian Chief is a toll road. One thing about this road: It is clean and smooth! The Indian is a bigger copy of Big F Indian (BFI) which is in Freeport ME.

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