It was a beautiful morning in Joplin MO. We stopped for gas, printer ink cartridges and finally took off for the Route 66 Rest Stop. Sure, there are lots of rest stops but this one is named for the famed highway. There are lots of neon light signs (to light the night) and the floor inside draws a map of Route 66 from Chicago IL to Los Angeles CA. With all the people walking about it was not possible to get a good picture. So, go visit!

Jorge’s mom collects frogs. So, when we found out that there is a large Frog Rock on the way in Waynesville MO, we went. From our picture it looks as if it has a long tail. We weren’t climbing to find out.

About eight minutes away is Uranus. It is a cross between a corner mall and a tourist trap. The main theme seems to circle around bathroom humor. You can judge for yourself when you read some of the signs. Amazingly, there is a new Uranus in Anderson IN…just opened April 1st. Even though it was a weekday, the place was crowded with children, teens, adults and they were making the cash registers sing.

Next we headed for St. Louis MO to the Gregor Freeman Park. The park was named after Greg Freeman, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer who was beloved throughout the city. Freeman, who died in 2002, was known for his modesty and probably would have insisted that he didn't deserve the honor. But people who know him say otherwise and the park was built in 2009.

We found lots of odd art works at the park and the home next door. Also, Tickle found a new BFF. You can check out first contact in our pictures. It was a pleasant day!

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