Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 3, Sunday

Kingsport, TN to Scottsboro, AL

We had to go through Knoxville, TN and traffic was not too heavy and it ran smoothly. Church goers, maybe?


But we saw some signs that suggested that maybe the general population was under-sexed. Go figure!


We laughed at the Get Hammered; Get Nailed sign the state puts on its road signs. And we marveled at how many Cracker Barrel Restaurants there are. We figured that there is one every five exits…across the whole Southern states!


The motorcyclist picture was taken through the rear view mirror at a stop light.

The Chickamauga Battlefield

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A couple of years ago we visited this battlefield but it was too foggy to see in front of you and it was rainy. Today, however, the weather was perfect.  


In 1863 there were several battles for Chattanooga fought here that secured the city for the Union: The Battle for Chickamauga, the Seige of Chattanooga, The Battle of Orchard Knob, The Battle of Lookout Mountain (this location), and the Battle of Missionary Ridge.


The castle structure you see here was built in 1909 as a memorial to the fallen and injured soldiers. The 85-foot stucture n the center of this park is known as the New York Peace Monument.


Q: When was this cannon built?

The International Towing and Recovery Museum

The museum showcases the history of towing and recovery.  On the outside grounds is the Wall of the Fallen memorial, dedicated to people who died in the line of service.  The Museum exhibits tow trucks and towing equipment dating back to 1916.


The rotating collection includes early equipment built by Manley, Holmes, Vulcan, and Weaver.  The Hall of Fame portion of the Museum honors individuals who have significantly advanced the industry.

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There are hundreds of photos throughout the building depicting early tow trucks and the pioneers who used them, including Ernest Holmes Sr, credited with building the first tow truck.  Toy tow truck collections with other memorabilia and exhibits related to the industry’s colorful past are also featured.  The Museum also includes a theater, a library, and a unique gift shop that sells souvenirs related to the towing and recovery industry

Getting to Our Hotel in Scottsboro, AL

We stashed our stuff in our hotel room and then couldn’t get back in! The door battery had died. So, we got another room.

We thought we might get to go to the Coker Tire Museum too. Alas, it closes on weekends. So, we headed to our hotel and passed into Central Time Zone. We’ll be in it until we get to El Paso, TX.


One thing that we saw plenty of were Fire Works stores. Really big ones! It’s not like that in California where the dry bush can light up in with the tiniest spark. Also, land is cheaper to purchase out here in Alabama and Tennessee.