Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 6, Wednesday

Longview, TX to Temple, TX

East Texas Oil Museum

After a thirty minute drive from Longview, TX we arrived at the East Texas Oil Museum. We had our own docent. We were surprised at how well the oil industry was represented. The main area recreated in 3-D (maniquins, stuffed animals, artifacts from the 1930’s era) pictures we saw on the museum walls as we entered. Click on the pitures on the right for an enlarged view.

To see out map route click here.

Taking the Back Roads to Temple, TX

The East Texas Oil Museum is located on the Kilgore College Campus. The Rangerette Museum is also there to honor their cheerleaders. It was all Ellen could do to restrain Jorge from going there.


It started sprinkling a little and we saw some flooding. But it didn’t start really raining until we neared Temple, TX. That’s where Danny and Beverly Custer live…well, until the move to Belton next month. More on that below.


While in Winchester, VA  we went to see the new Star Wars movie. They are advertising that thing like crazy. We saw the Millenium Falcon at Walmart!

The Taj

Danny is Ellen’s brother. Beverly is his wife. They are two of our favorite people. They established their current home in 1994. Alas, they will be moving to a new location next month.


Everyone likes to call it the Taj. The home is almost completed and we got a sneak preview by Danny this night.


Needless to say, it is a bit bigger than their old home. It is big, big, big! And it is a single story…no stairs.


I don’t think that any of my pictures can give it justice. By-the-way, Danny and Beverly gave us a wonderful dinner. Yum!