Trip Across America ~ January 2016

First: Winchester, VA

Spending Time with the Russell’s and Family

The trip begins in January but Jorge arrived in Winchester, VA on the 16th of December 2015. So, we have some pix to show before the trip begins. And they are below.

Linda Russell is Ellen’s sister and invited us to feast on lobster the night before Christmas. Billy Battaile did the cooking. Naturually, a few of the family decided to race the lobsters before the cooking them. Ellen’s lobster, Pegasus, beat Nick and Billy’s lobsters. The meal was delicious. Jorge ate steak.


The following morning Jay and Linda invited everyone to breakfast and to open Christmas presents. Drew, the eldest son, is sitting next to Billy. We had a great, fun time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. No black coal was delivered this Christmas day. (There are 20 pictures in this set.)

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Christmas Dinner at Ellen’s Home

Christmas evening dinner was held a Ellen’s home. Prime rib was on the the schedule. Jorge did the cutting but it turned out fine anyway.


Nick and Drew had to work that evening at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester but they did get plates to go home with Billy.


Danna Doyle, one of Ellen’s dear dulcimer friends, accepted the dinner invitation too. Tickle had a KONG for a treat. We had a grand and fattening time. Yum! (There are 7 pictures in this set.)

Ellen is planning our trip. Click on her picture to download the PDF trip file.

In the meantime, Jorge waits for the final product to make that PDF file.

On each 31st of December the City of Winchester, VA holds a First Night Festival. It is a sponsored driven event so showcase musical, dance, and arts talent. The venues are volunteered and people walk around town going from one place to another. A purchased button allows admittance to any event. This year we really thought Robbie Limon was at his best performing solo at the Hanley Library. We also checked out the Children’s Museum and had fun there too.

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