Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 8, Friday

Ozona, TX to El Paso, TX

The Crockett

County Museum

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

There was a cup collection in a long display. Ellen found a cup that used the same design her mom had. Click on any picture not in the slide show to enlarge the view.

The Crockett County Museum became a reality in 1939. It was located in the school until 1958 when it was moved to the Courthouse Annex. The building itself has an interesting history. Originally, it was the Methodist Church of Ozona. It was built in 1926 but burned in 1942 leaving only the rock structure. The building was turned into a hospital and was there until 1956. It was then that it became the Courthouse Annex where the Crockett County Museum landed. In 1998 the museum began restoration to solely occupy the three-story building. Yes, Davy Crockett is part of the exhibit.

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On the Road to El Paso, TX

Click on these small pictures to see the silhouette sculptures of the U.S. Cavalry and Indians.

Ozona is called the Biggest Little Town in the World. It was known as Powell Well, after land surveyor E.M. Powell, when it was founded in 1891. In 1897, it was renamed Ozona for the high quantity of its open air, or ozone.


On the road we entered a rest stop. A couple of fellows were trying to fix several flat tires and a broken trailer axle on a rig they were towing. The house on the rig must have been too heavy. I think they will be there a long, long time.


East  of Fort Stockton TX there is a metal cut-out of a U.S. Cavalry. West of the town there is a silhouette sculpture of American Indians. Very fun and interesting to see.


Today’s drive was pleasant. It did rain a bit off and on toward the end but the sun managed to break out at the end. The wind was the biggest nuisance but we brought coats.