Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 5, Tuesday

Jackson, MS to Longview, TX

We got to see lots of interesting structures, construction sites and hitchhikers along the way. Vicksburg has one of the largest water towers we’ve seen. Sometimes they are fed by pipes and at other times the pipes place water in the an underground reservoir.


We crossed the mighty Mississippi without trouble. Some flooding from the previous week’s rainfall was evident.


Did you catch that hitchhiker? No, we took a pass and kept on riding.


Some of the cargo that trucks carry is interesting. One truck had giant electrical insulators. Wow!

Tickle gave up last night’s dinner but immediately demanded breakfast. She’s doing fine.

The Barksdale Global Power Museum and OnCell Tour

Click on any of the pictures to the right to enlarge. Note: If you have a scanner on your mobile phone you can scan the barcode to the right to get an audio tour of the Museum.

We had plans to visit places in Vicksburg but they are closed for up to six months due to the current flooding in the area. So, we chose to visit an outdoor airplane museum we found online the previous night. The weather could not have been better.


We were stopped at the gate by armed military guards and surrendered our driver’s licenses for the duration of our stay. The car was modestly searched. They didn’t find Ellen’s Wooden Tai-Chi saber a threat and let us go in.


Interestingly, Tickle was allowed to go into the indoor part of the museum but not the outside where the planes were located. Rules are rules! The inside part of the museum was modest but effective. It honored the airmen who made America great in both war and peace.


The podium that President George W. Bush used on September 11, 2001 was exhibited. Hoy Barksdale, the namesake of the location, was also honored. Others from WWII such as the flyers of the Memphis Belle were honored.


Outside it was a wonder to see all these airplanes to scale. We’ve seen many airplanes in hangers and museums (indoors) but seeing them outside was a treat. This is a must go-to place if you ever drive through Shreveport LA.


Below are two pictures about the Women’s Airforce Services during WWII. A dear friend of ours, Agnes Jones, was one of these ladies. Her daughter’s asked us once if she had made up the story. Nope! She was a real thing…an American Heroine.

Clcik on the pictures to enlarge

and to read the text.

Getting to the Hotel that was Not on the GPS

That’s Shreveport LA that we drove through with all the freeway bridges. It’s close to the border so Texas came up quickly.


One of the nice things about Texas is that it has generous speed limits. It seems to Jorge that the roads there might also be a bit wider to accommodate the faster speeds.


None of our GPS toys could find the hotel because it was on a very new road. It just opened six months ago. The employees are still annoyed that the major GPS companies haven’t located them properly.


How did we find them? The hotel website made Apple maps take us there.