Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 10, Sunday

Tucson AZ to Indio CA

Old Tucson

Movie Set

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Stage Text

Train Text


Wanted Posters

Model Town

Art Shot

Old Tucson Studios came to life in 1939 when Colombia Pictures began building a replica of 1860 Tucson for its epic motion picture Arizona staring Jean Arthur and William Holden. Over 350,000 adobe bricks were made to construct this dusty town. Since that time, Old Tucson has been host to many films and television productions.


Film enthusiasts and history buffs alike can appreciate the authenticity of the old west setting of Old Tcson Studios. The magic of Hollywood has brought great excitement to these dusty streets and with each production the studio has grown. Through the lens of a camera, Old Tucson has played a prominent role in shaping the world’s perception of the old west, an unforgetable era in the history of America.


As you walk through the gates and listen, you can hear the echoes of cowboys spurs jingling down the boardwalk. If you ever go then be perpared to step back in time and experience the charm and history of this famous movie location.

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The Railroad Track

Some Town Buildings

The Saloon

Inside the Saloon

The Alamo

Indoor Set

China Town

Pony Express Station

On the Road Once More!

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What a Great Trip!

We headed out of Old Tucson at about noon. After lunch we drove on through Phoenix AZ. It looks as if their freeway construction is complete. We cruised in the diamond lane all the way through town.


The road and the weather have been good to us once again. Tomorrow we plan on getting home. We’ll post our last comments and pictures tomorrow. Hope you’ve enjoyed the trip!

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