Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 4, Monday

Scottsboro, AL to Jackson, MS

Click on me!

Click on me!

We headed for Jackson, MS just to spend the night. On the way my Verizon Navigator gave us an alert as we neared Birmingham. There would be an 8 hour and 30 minute delay going through town!


Jorge immediately hit the detour button and we got off at the City of Argo. Up until then we were thinking that Alabama was a pretty poor place to be in. Not so! Once we got off the beaten path we saw great homes, nice yards, and lovely neighborhoods. Trussville was especially beautiful.


Every state has a DOT (department of transportation) website where they list all the closed or problem roads. Also, Google Maps has a traffic

button you can turn on to see if there are problems ahead. So, getting the alert wasn’t a total surprise but the 8:30:00 was. We did hit a two-hour delay later while going through a construction zone but that was very acceptable. We were glad to get to the hotel.