Trip Across America ~ January 2016

January 7, Thursday ~ Temple, TX to Ozona, TX

Revisiting the Taj!

Jorge and Ellen would not quit; they had to go back and see the Taj in the light of day. Beverly consented to give a tour from the female point of view.


The weather could not have been better. We also met her contractor, Ken. Ellen thinks his name was Kim but Jorge thinks it is Ken.


Anyway, it was still a marvel to see. Below are pictures that were stitched or are pano shots. You may click on them to enlarge. Danny and Beverly plan on moving in next month and we can’t wait to see the home furnished when we visit again.

On the Road Again!

And we’re On the Road Again! The speed limit on this road was 75 mph. We zoomed right along. A fellow was collecting firewood and tracking it across the road to his truck. He gave us a start when he acted as if he intended to run in front of us.


A gas station without gas pumps had a funny sign stating that it was opened. Certainly, not for gas. Hmm, what was that funny looking tree?

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