We must be getting good at packing. It took us only a day-and-a-half to do it. Tickle, our dog, always looks at us with apprehension. Is she going to the vet? No, there’s too much action going on. Will she be left behind? Of course not and she knows it as soon as her kennel goes in the SUV. It’s time for another trip across America!

Last June Ellen leafed through a book on Betty’s coffee table. It turns out that Jorge and Ellen like taking photos of such things. So, Betty bought her an autographed copy of Murals of Richmond to give to Jorge. Mickael Broth’s book is filled with rich pictures and information on the town’s murals. We had to go and take our own pictures and Betty arranged for a guide!

He is George Tisdale, artist, writer and fabulous story teller. We were his guinea pigs of sorts. This was his first tour by automobile. It was good that Betty too is very acquainted with the streets of Richmond VA. Went touring in her car.

Today, we navigated our way to at least 100 murals! No, they are not all pictured here. However, we do have some good representative murals to show.

Speaking of the unique, on our way to Richmond today, we spotted a giant roller skate. Naturally we stopped to take a shot. It is made of wood and plaster and has been around since the 1980’s. It stands along the road in the parking lot of a former skating rink.

Then we stopped to take a picture of some fancy advertising—a pair of large scissors outside a barber shop. They are eight feet high. Only in America!