We shall return to Richmond VA another day…there is much to see besides murals. For now, we are on our way! The house made out of tombstones, in Petersburg VA, was constructed with tombstones from 2,000 Union soldiers.

    Of interest are those Legs of Henderson which sit in honor of Marilyn Monroe. We know because the artist was there cleaning his artwork has said so! Ricky Pearce is his name and it isn’t his only work of art. The legs and the rest of his artwork will probably last awhile since they are made from slabs of concrete.

    The Museum of Life and Science is basically for children. We fit in perfectly. There are lots of interactive things to do. The walk outside was fun. The dinosaur area was neat. However, we really loved the indoor area with its interactive activities for older kids…like us!

    Cynically, being a Saturday, we thought it would be a good day

for divorced parents to bring their kids to play. Not so, There were grandparents and moms and dads playing too.

    Check out those giant kissers. We saw the same statue of kissers in France but they were much bigger. Click here to see it. Don’t ask what Jorge was doing.

    We found two statues of Daniel Boone. Ellen liked the bigger one. There’s also a statue of Atlas holding the world at High Point University. He is is pictured from behind because it was raining hard.