Today’s trip was a long one so we planned on visiting only three sites. The first was Little Nadine Earles’ Doll Playhouse Grave. The child wished for a doll playhouse but died before receiving it on Christmas Day. So, here it is, complete with dolls and toy furniture.

Next up was the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at the University of Auburn in Alabama. It was closed but we were drawn there by the artwork displayed outside. The two bunny-men in water are a hoot! They are self-portraits by Alex Podesta. Apparently, this is his thing. Click  here to see his website.

Check-out the pictures of the fine art. People do have wondrous imaginations. Perhaps that is why we are especially attracted to folk art.

Hence, we introduce you to Jim Bird’s Hay Bale Art. His ranch is located near Demopolis AL. The tin man is 32 feet tall. Oh, on his red tin heart is written, “Jim Loves Lib.” Very sweet!