We’ve driven by Fraggle Rock before but decided to take a good photo this time. We did drive on a dirt road to get the shot. Fun!

We’ve also stopped by Steins Ghost Town before but never found it open. Maybe someday we’ll get lucky.

In Bowie AZ we found a former Teepee Cafe and an Earth Traveler Sign Post at a local gas station. After lunch we went to see The Thing? roadside attraction.

We have a story about this place. You should know that there are hundreds of billboards advertising for it. Although it is located in the center of Arizona there are signs for it after crossing into New Mexico from El Paso.

Years ago Ellen insisted on seeing the attraction. Since it had never been updated since the 1950’s, was cold, dark and dusty…well, it was a disappointing. Somewhere we have the photos to prove it.

However, know this: The Thing? has now been upgraded and, although still wacky, is a marvel to see. It’s awesome and borrows lots of ideas from Ancient Aliens (a tv series). For example, was Elvis Presley abducted by aliens?

The quails with human toys was a drive-by. Very cute!