The objective today was to meet up with Mark Allen Tinkle in Griffin GA. He is a long friend of Jorge’s. There were places to see on the way.

Just before leaving Charlotte NC we took a picture of a large hand. We passed a water tower shaped like a baseball. It was hard to see against the sun but we got a pretty good picture of it. In Rock Hill SC we took pictures of four scandalous statues. You’ll see only one since they were all the same with large nipples protruding from their breasts. Due to protests these were filed away. Ow!

We took a picture of the smallest police station in Ridgeway SC. However, there is one in Carrabelle FL that might give it a run for the title. Nearby we found the South Carolina Railroad Museum closed. Still, we got a few pictures of trains outside.

In Columbia SC we found the Obama Gas Station. If recollection serves us properly, wasn’t Obama the Global Change advocate for algae? The honor of naming the gas station (a fossil fuel station) after Obama might just be a bit ironic. Life is rich. In Augusta GA we visited the James Brown Statue, drove over the Butt Bridge, and saw a good-sized paper cup. As stated before, only in America!