Most people have not heard of Joe Biedenharn and his family and how they brought Coca-Cola to the masses. He did not invent the Coca-Cola syrup but he was the first to bottle it and to distribute it world-wide. Along the way, his hard working family got rich.

Their museum is in part the home of Emy-Lou Beidenharn. She lived there until her death. In addition, the house has an area of soft drink exhibits, and a Bible Museum with rare books and art. It also hosts rotating exhibits. There’s a garden in the back yard. This family’s story is an American success story.

Then we drove to take a picture of a Gas Station Oil Derrick. Why, because it was there. We used the station bathroom and kept on riding.

Next we took a picture of a large roadrunner at Angelina College. Luckily we found it just around the corner from our hotel.