John Madden is a big guy and may be a football legend. He has a Superbowl Ring (XI). From 1979 through 2008 he was seen on television as a color commentator. Madden didn’t like to fly—He traveled around the country to each football venue in his bus. That’s how we figured that he came through Van Horn TX and met Chuy. Chuy’s Restaurant has a Haul of Fame just for Madden. There wasn’t a lot to see and we were soon on our way.

In El Paso we stopped at the House of Sugar. The home rests on a single, small block and is fairy tale designed…it is called Folk Art Confection. It is unbelievably detailed and a delight to behold. As for the rest of the neighborhood, well, not so much. 

The Fort Bliss Museum is not too far from the House of Sugar. However, getting through security was something special. The welcome people took our ID cards and checked us out on their computers. After a few minutes they handed us a pass for the day. Fooled them again!

So, we asked, “How do you get to the museum?” No one could tell us even though it was on the base. Their best response was for us to follow our GPS. What they failed to note was that the GPS was practically useless on the base and it’s a big place!

After almost giving up we found it! It started to rain but most of the good stuff was indoors. We only posted a few of the many pictures we took. Then it was off to our hotel in New Mexico.